Personality Development Course for Law Students and Law Professionals

Course Duration: 60 Days

Key Features:

  1. To introduce candidates to advanced techniques of communication skills which include both verbal and non-verbal communication.
  2. Teaching and developing the Moot court skills of the candidates regarding both the national and international levels.
  3. Introducing candidates to various fields of research related to law and other interdisciplinary streams.
  4. Teaching Parliamentary Debate, Model United Nations, Model Parliament, Client Counselling and Debate.
  5. Introducing and teaching principles of arbitration, mediation and conciliation and other alternative dispute resolution techniques.
  6. Teaching candidates the fundamental principles of drafting, pleading, conveyancing of various legal documents.
  7. Making candidates aware of the essentials of group discussion (GD) and personal interview PI).

Additional Features:

  1. Internship assistance to the candidates in various law firms.
  2. Paper publication in LAWGICA’s in-house law journal.
  3. Issuance of certificate based on the performance of the candidate in the course.
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